A convention dedicated to the culture of professional wrestling and sports entertainment, Squared Circle Expo will feature a weekend of stars both past and present, representing not only the world in the ring but also outside it in the areas of pop culture, music, and even the silver screen! Aside from celebrity meet and greets, fans will also be treated to a full schedule of seminars and Q&A panels, exhibits, memorabilia dealers, a LIVE wrestling event, after hours activities, and so much more!

Squared Circle Expo will be taking over the entirety of the Wyndham Indianapolis West’s 35,000 sq ft of meeting space, transforming the hotel into a pro wrestling fan’s paradise. Among the most attractive elements of the venue is a 10,000 sq ft grand ballroom, which will act as the setting for a live wrestling event patrons will not soon forget!


We wanted to take a moment to share with everyone our current position on Covid-19 protocols as they pertain to the show, as well as outline our plan for doing maskless pro photo ops safely and efficiently.

As some of you may know, the state of Indiana is ending their mask mandate effective today, a response to a steep drop in daily cases and a continuing plummet of deaths related to the Covid-19 virus. However, Marion County (the county in which Indianapolis resides in), has decided to keep their mask mandate active until further notice. At this time, Squared Circle Expo plans to have all staff and all volunteers masked regardless of how the precautions might change between now and then. While the majority of our crew will be fully vaccinated by the time of the show, we have decided that if us adding extra layers of protection helps our guests feel safer and more comfortable in attending our event, it is our responsibility to provide that environment for them. In addition, we will be spacing our vendor and superstar signing booths at a greater distance than normal, and limiting seating for our panels and ring show event to allow for appropriate social distancing as recommended by local health authorities, as well as providing at least one hand sanitizing station per room and per hallway. Finally, determinations on mask wearing for the public will be made in accordance to guidance from local health authorities with the most current data that is available to us the week of the event.

We want to greatly stress that we have absolutely zero interest in creating show policy along political or ideological lines. The Squared Circle Expo team is comprised of about a dozen individuals, some very similar, and some very different, who have only one goal in mind when it comes to this event - to provide the best and safest experience possible for fellow wrestling fans such as themselves and celebrate a scene we've grown up with most of our lives. Period.


We have worked out the details to do maskless pro photo ops using a thin plexiglass wall dividing attendees from the celebrity participating in the photo op. The plexiglass wall will cut down the center of each photo and extend about 4 feet in front of both parties as well as about a foot higher than head level to prevent any saliva particles from coming into contact with either party. The plexi-wall will be sanitized in between each guest and the room will be cleared and sterilized between guests as well. Staff and volunteers in the room will be masked 100% of the time and patrons will be let in one at a time and only permitted to remove their mask for the few seconds it will take to snap the photo (this is assuming the current mandates still stand by the time of the show). The plexiglass barrier will be photoshopped out post shot and each individual photo touched up by hand professionally for the highest quality image possible.

ADDITIONALLY, we are looking into the logistics of running medical air purifiers in the room consistently to add an extra layer of protection while not detracting from the experience.

With everything consistently changing from week to week ,we are keeping our eyes and ears peeled to new developments daily. As has been the case from the beginning, our focus is to provide an experience that is both completely safe, but as "normal" as one can get in these strange times. Our plan is continuously evolving, but we wanted to at least address our fanbase and let them know what we have cooking as you all have expressed you appreciate transparency and we want to do right by each and every one of you.

Pro photo ops are expected to begin going on sale next Monday.

With blood, sweat, and guts,

The Squared Circle Team