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- "Are autographs included with price of admission?"

Much like other comic-con/autograph shows, autographs are NOT included in the price of admission. Individual talent or their management/sponsors set autograph and photo prices. Squared Circle Expo has no say in what talent charges.


- "Do you have a price list for what specific talent will be charging for autographs?"

Talent sets their own prices for autographs with no influence from Squared Circle Expo. We expect autographs to range between $20-$60 per, with the majority being int he $30-$40 range. (For those wanting to budget early, if you plan on $45 per autograph, you will likely have money left over.)


- "What does a Single Day general admission pass get me?"

Single Day general admission passes get you admission to the Expo, which includes all vendor and memorabilia dealer rooms, all superstar signing rooms, admission to all Q&A panels, and all after hours events NOT including the live wrestling shows. Admission to the live wrestling shows is sold separately.

- "If I wish to purchase admission to the after hours wrestling events, how can I do that?"

For Friday's live wrestling event hosted by Black Label Pro, tickets are available at: . For Saturday's live wrestling event, tickets are available at .

* PLEASE NOTE: VIP Pass holders automatically have admission to both wrestling events included in their ticket package. Main Event Pass holders automatically have admission to Saturday's live wrestling event included in their package.

- "Can I buy tickets to ONLY one of the live wrestling events and skip the Expo?"

No. As the live events are happening as part of the Expo, admission to the convention is also required.

- "What about professional photo ops? Are you all doing those?"

Yes. We are working on finalizing the schedule and will have those on sale hopefully by next week. Be advised that pro photo ops are just an option and all talent will also allow table selfies for a fee (though we do think pro photo ops look MUCH nicer).

- "Are you announcing any more guests for the Expo?"

With 60+ guests already on the roster, there isn't too many more that we would have room for, but there's always a couple of unexpected opportunities that present themselves every show cycle which we just can't say no too. Chances are good that there may be another few announcements between now and the event.




Below are the estimated prices for autographs, table selfies, and autograph/selfie combos for as many guests as we have received information for. PLEASE BE ADVISED that all prices are subject to change at the decision of the talent. Squared Circle Expo DOES NOT set autograph/photo pricing for talent at the event.

If pricing is not available for a particular guest, that means they have not provided it to us and we are waiting for them to do so. 

Note: Some guests will sometimes charge slightly more for "premium" items such as belts, Funko POPs, action figures, and some limited edition collectibles. Generally the upcharge is $10-$20 per "premium" item. If such a guest lets us know of such upcharges in advance, we will post that info as well.

(Autograph/Table Photo/Combo)

- Appearing Both Days -
Al Snow - $25/$25/$40

Blue Meanie - $25/$25/$40

Brian Myers - $25/$25/$40

Brian Pillman Jr
Brother D-Von - $40/$40/$70

Brutus Beefcake - $40/$40/$60

Buff Bagwell 

Christian Cage - $50/$50/$80

Colt Cabana 

Crazzy Steve 

Demolition - $30/$30 (for both members)
Deonna Purrazzo - $30/$30/$50

Francine - $25/$25/$40

Fred Ottman - $25/$25/$40

Fred Rosser - $20/$20/$30
Funaki - $30/$30/$50

Greg Valentine - $40/$40/$60


Heath - $25/$25/$40

Hex, The

Jimmy Hart

Kevin Nash - $50/$50/$80

Kevin Sullivan

Lita - $60/$60/$100

Matt Cardona - $30/$30/$50

Mick Foley - $60/$60/$100

Mickie James - $40/$40/$60

Nick Aldis



Powers of Pain - $30/$30 (for both members)

Rhyno - $25/$25/$40

Rikishi - $60 autograph and photo combo

Rob Van Dam - $50/$50/$80
Sabu - $30/$30/$50

Sandman - $25/$25/$40

Scott Steiner - $50/$50/$80

Sgt. Slaughter

Shane Douglas - $25/$25/$40

Shark Boy 

SoCal Val
Steve Maclin - $30/$30/$50

Stevie Richards

Tatanka - $40/$40/$60

Tito Santana - $40/$40/$60

Tony Atlas 
Victoria - $40/$40/$60


- Appearing Friday Only -
“Cowboy” Bob Orton
Ray Apollo (Doink)

- Appearing Saturday Only -
Ace Austin

Athena - $30/$30/$50

Bushwacker Luke 



Demon, The - $20/$20/$30

Erick Redbeard - $25/$25/$40

Ethan Page 

Evil Uno - $30/$30/$50

Jamie Hayter - $40/$40/$60

Jay Lethal - $30/$30/$50

Juice Robinson - $30/$30/$50 

Kurt Angle - $60/$60/$100 

MJF - $60/$60/$100

Red Velvet - $25/25/$40

Toni Storm - $50/$50/$80

Willow Nightingale - $25/$25/$40

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